St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
Just a reminder to everyone that you do need to pre-register for Sundays event in order to compete. Even if you're paying in cash or won't have funds until the day of.

No one gets billed until after they check-in the day of the event so there's no downsides to registering before hand and it helps limit the amount of time people will be exposed to one another/in close proximity.

Also If we don't see enough pre-registrations before Saturday then we may have to cancel the event due to projected low attendance, so if you're planning on going and just haven't signed up yet, the sooner you can do it the better.

If you have any issues getting pre-registered, or just have questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us or Juan Johnson for help.
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
Hey Guys,

For any of you who are concerned about what we are aiming to do safety-wise, we just uploaded the St. Louis Region COVID-19 policies to the website for easy access. The big highlights are:

1. No ride-alongs for this year except for same household/co-driver cars
2. no loaner helmets this year
3. wipe things down after your done working
4. 6ft apart at all times unless wearing a mask
5. waivers and pens will be one per person, instead of everyone signing 1 sheet, to get their wrist band, everyone will get their own sheet to sign, and we encourage all SCCA members to get their yearly waiver filled out so they can get an SCCA hard card and not need to fill out waivers until 2021
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
Hey boys and girls! we want to start off with that the July 12th event is still 100% good to go.

That being said though, the last bit of bad news we'll have to give for the year is that we are officially Cancelling our National Tour event.

We tried to see where we could fit it in at the end of this year, but between conflicts with other events and timing that would yield poor turnouts we have decided to focus on the rest of this year's events, and prepare to host one again next year.

Fingers crossed, this will be the last bit of bad news we have to give this year and we can get to some good old fashion race stuff.
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
Good news boys and girls! Illinois is officially moving into Phase 4 of their recovery plan which means we are 100% good to go for the July 12th event!

Keep in mind that the state's decision is by no means a sign that COVID-19 is any less of a threat than it's been so the Rallycross program will still be operating under the same Social distancing and sanitation standards as the rest of the St. Louis region.

Unfortunately, that means, no loaner helmets for this season so if you or a passenger want to go for a run, you will need your own Snell 2005+ helmet in order to race/ride on the course.

We also will only be allowing ride-along for same-household parties. So that being said, if you bring your family with you, they are welcome to ride with you, they just can't ride with anyone else at the event. Likewise, Co-driver cars can have both drivers in the car at the same time if you choose.

As always we encourage you to bring anything you feel you need to stay safe and healthy and if you feel sick, please make sure to stay at home for everyone else's sake.

We also deeply encourage all of you to sign up for an annual waiver and get an SCCA hard card so that you don't have to sign the waiver at any of our events this year. It's free to get a hard card, you just have to fill out the form and have it notarized.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email/text/fb message/call and we'll do our best to answer them asap.
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
Hey guys,

Unfortunately, after speaking with the the Madison, IL leadership and the DCEO of IL, it was determined that this event will need to be rescheduled.

We know that other events have been happening at tracks in Illinois so some of you may be wondering why we haven't, but rest assured that we are acting based on what we have been directly told to do by the state of Illinois.

We will continue to plan on the next event being on July 12 and if we're lucky, Illinois will enter Phase 4 of their recovery plan which will open the door for our events to proceed, but as long as Illinois remains in Phase 3 we will have to continue to move the schedule around as need be.

As always we appreciate your patience and understanding and we look forward to seeing you out there whenever the next event is able to happen.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to Contact Juan Johnson whose info can be found on our website
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
St. Louis Region SCCA RallyCross
Hey everyone! We would like to apologize for the lack of communication about the June 7th event, over the past few weeks.

The every changing climate of the COVID-19 situation has lead to a lot of question marks that we've been trying to get answers on since IL officially has moved to Phase 3 of their Recovery plan.

The documentation on phase 3 that is available to us, states that events loosely like ours should be limited to 10 or fewer people so we are looking for further clarification from Madison, IL on how to proceed.

As it stands right now we have reached out to the city of Madison, IL leadership, and are waiting to hear back from them on a final yes or no, but in the meantime, we are going to leave registration open and will continue to plan on the event happening.

We really appreciate everyone's patience on this and hopefully, we'll get to see you guys out on the dirt soon.